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We propose a selection of possible excursions in the areas around Santa Coloma de Cervelló and Colonia Güell.

Nature Routes

Parc dels cirerers Trail through the Cherry Tree Park in Can Salgado. This itinerary will allow you to tour around the municipality of Santa Coloma de Cervelló. In the first part, before exiting the urban center, you must follow the white and green horizontal signs, which are typical indicators of local trails. Further on, these signs are reinforced with the altitude, place names and distances. This itinerary is apt to do walking or by BTT; it is not very rigorous, with little rough terrain, and passes through urban areas, forests and fields. The itinerary has two options. One is extending the route (through cal Formigueraire) and the other is shortening it, going directly to can Julia without passing through can Ros houses around can Codina.

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Archeological Park Minas Prehistóricas de Gavà

Mines Prehistòriques de GavàThe Prehistoric Mines of Gavà are the oldest mining gallery complex in Europe. They started the excavation approximately 6000 years ago, and they were exploited for over 1000 years. The only objective of this massive exploitation was the extraction of variscite, a green mineral used for jewelry. All the areas are reconstructed with the latest audiovisual and multimedia technology, facilitating a full immersion into this fascinating voyage through time.

Catalunya en Miniatura

Parc dels cirerers A unique place where you will find a miniature-scale replica of Catalonia, declared a site of National Touristic Interest, created to divulge knowledge about the most representative and impressive Catalan monuments and buildings. You will also have the possibility of enjoying the Enchanted Forest, a park of adventures for all ages where one can get lost between the trees, climb up trunks or coast on zip lines. Other services are also available to make of your day an original and unique experience: picnic areas, bar-restaurant, children’s park, mini-trains and free parking.


Parc dels cirerers
It is a sanctuary where spirituality and culture meet in a unique natural setting.


Natural Spaces of the Delta del Llobregat

Parc dels cirerers The natural areas of the Delta del Llobregat are one of the most important areas in all of Catalonia in terms of environmental education and awareness. It is a place to visit, discover and enjoy. A place with exceptional conditions for fauna and flora observations. And the best thing is that it is right by home!

Canal Olímpic

Parc dels cirerers The Olympic Canal was built by the Catalan Sun Institute due to the Olympic Games that were held in Barcelona in 1992, as the headquarters for the canoeing competitions. Come visit us and experience a great sports complex that will give you the chance to practice a great variety of disciplines (fitness, canoeing, row boats, water skiing, kayak, archery, pitch & put, triathlon, skating, windsurf, swimming…) in a relaxed and pleasurable setting.

Caves of Salnitre

Coves del Salnitre A varied array of caves that spots the compact conglomeratic maze of Montserrat. The most notable of these is the Cueva del Salnitre, located in the small town of Collbató, at the foot of the mountain. It is known worldwide for its spectacular scenery, which has captivated artist such as Rusiñol and Gaudí for many generations. It is also famous for being the best vestige of Catalan caving.


Sitges Sitges has long been a place that has enamored artists, tourists and visitants worldwide. For many, its secret is its light, as many painters, writers and sculptors depicted towards the end of the nineteenth century, when many of them settled down in the town. Nature has been generous with Sitges, given that it also has the privilege of being situated in the Mediterranean coast and at the foot of the Garraf massif, a mere half an hour away from Barcelona. At a cultural level, it has an extraordinary heritage, art is full of live and traditions are maintained at present. At present, the Sitges of the twenty-first century is based on creativity, talent and innovation, without ever losing its roots. Sitges continues to be a city that attracts and seduces people from all over the world.



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